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Shona Threading And Waxing

SHONA Threading & Waxing is a highly professional and experienced salon for your Threading, Waxing, Tinting & Perming needs.  Threading (epilation) is an ancient method of hair removal originating in Asia. With exceptional skills in this ancient technique we have mastered the art and can proudly provide you less painful option for your eyebrow styling unlike other method.



It begins with a loop of cotton thread that is about the thickness of dental floss. Then, they twist the loop to create a series of “knots” in the middle. Finally, beautician move the twisted area rapidly back and forth across rows of hairs, grasping them at the root and removing them quickly, completely and gently from the follicle.

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bannEyebrows tinting treatment with natural henna dye


LegsDepilation legs with waxing and tapewaxing




shutterstock_50042554Beauty Female Eye With Curl Long False Eyelashes


Customer Review

  • Very happy with my brows .... Shona is beautiful xxxx

    Suzie Victoria
  • Top class service with very reasonable price....i have tried a couple of times and have became a regular...good work it up...

    Varsha Patel
  • Thank you ...your service and skills are amazing by a very friendly lady... Good luck

    Carla Shrikey
  • Extremely professional. Hygienic and organised. Great customer satisfaction at affordable prices. Close proximity to my residence is a great boon for me.

    Shruti Madgeri
  • Lovely service by lovely lady! More than reasonable price 🙂 I'll be back !

    Karolina Smith
  • Friendly, Neat n clean service. Glad I found this salon near to my home !!!"

    Akshira Kapoor Gulati
  • Excellent work.Neat and perfect.And affordable also.

    Prabha Srikrishna
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