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Eyelash Extention

Eyelash extensions or lash enhancement have become increasingly popular over the last few decades. They are a simple way to extend your natural lashes, and nothing more.

Eyes are one of the first things you notice in someone's face, most people don't really notice them until they're missing. Apart from protecting us from dust, lashes also play a big part in what makes our eyes stand out, so when they're missing, it just doesn't look right.

Shona’s Eyelash Extension designs offer the latest and safest lash extension techniques; all of our products such as the glue, eyelash extensions, and equipment used in the process are of high quality and safe to offer you a worry-free and enjoyable experience. Eyelash Extensions are widely popular for special occasions like Birthday, Wedding, Parties, and Graduations! And also perfect for day-to-day wear.

We specialize in safe and customized eyelash extensions application. Our exclusive technique tailors a perfect design for each individual’s unique eye shape using our custom-built mapping system. We provide both classic lashes and multi-volume lash extensions, using an only premium synthetic material that is curled to imitate a natural lash. Our eyelash extensions provide a rich-looking appearance that eliminates the need for mascara, giving you a low-maintenance beauty routine.

Benefits of Eyelash Extension

The benefits of lash extensions go far beyond opening your eyes and eliminating the hassle of applying mascara; it gives you enormous confidence and actually makes you look gorgeous inside and out.

Get you a volume & length

Eyelash extensions elevate the beauty and grace of your lashes to a whole new level, making them longer, darker and thicker 24/7.

No More Eyeliners

Eyelash extensions are thick and long enough that they eliminate the need for eyeliners to appear fuller and thicker.

You should avoid wearing mascara with any lash extensions; mascara has carbon black pigment which darkens lashes, along with thickening waxes or oils that can clump the extensions and make untangling them difficult. Mascara brush can pull out your newly applied lashes.

You Look Awake & Youthful

Nothing makes your eyes pop out like thick and long eyelashes. They act as an instant eye lift, with no side effects. They also make your eyes appear younger and fresher, giving your eyes more brightness.

Feels Lightweight & Natural

Lash Extensions are so light and comfortable that you feel like nothing is on your eyelids

Long-Lasting Effect

Generally, eyelash extensions have a lifespan of 3-6 weeks. Different factors such as your daily routine, nutrition, the oil glands, genetic makeup, quality of extensions, health and the way you care for your eyes can affect the lifespan of your eyelashes.

Get the most out of life!

In addition, you're still free to enjoy your normal life using these super-safe and striking lash extensions, looking totally chic and extraordinary while you're doing it. But be mindful not to use water onto your lashes for the first 24 hours until they are completely dry. The adhesive that we use to bond the synthetic lash fibers dries up during these 24 hrs and help to hold properly onto your natural lash and avoiding them falling off prematurely.

If you want your eyelashes to look curly and fuller right away, you can always try our Eyelash Lifting / Perming Service.

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