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Skin Brightening & Smoothing Treatment

Modern facial equipment combining vacuum suction with diamond-tipped exfoliation produces excellent results in enhancing blood flow and lymphatic circulation.

In addition, this process increases oxygen and nutrient delivery to the skin, resulting in healthy, glowing smooth skin after treatment! It does more than just make your skin glow - it can improve internal skin health.

Besides stimulating collagen production to restore elasticity, this unique treatment also removes dead skin and debris, making it an excellent maintenance treatment for normal skin and a cure for acne, acne scars, premature ageing, the appearance of skin irregularities, and other various skin concerns.

Benefits of Skin Brightening & Smoothing Treatment

Brightens your complexion

You'll be surprised to know that this treatment can give you a brighter complexion! By removing the top layer of your epidermis, harmful substances and dead cells will no longer have any way to accumulate on your face.

Reduces the appearance of fine lines

Our Skin Brightening & Smoothing Treatment is the perfect solution for any person trying to get rid of those pesky fine lines and wrinkles! This treatment removes dead skin cells, leaving a smoother appearance that's both healthy and beautiful. Not only does this process work great on your external skin issues associated with ageing, but it also helps boost internal skin health by removing acne-causing bacteria from pores – reducing blackheads or clogged pores, which can lead to more significant problems later in life.

Ensures the renewal of dead skin cells

Your skin is your body's first defence against the outside world. Unfortunately, as it gets older, many changes occur and cause us to lose our natural capacity for cell turnover, resulting in tired-looking or dull-looking skin. Luckily, our skin Brightening & Smoothing Treatment works by stimulating collagen production while speeding up cellular renewal rates! In turn, this process stimulates more youthful skin texture producing newer layers of skin, so you'll still see remarkable results even long after leaving the clinic.

Enhances product absorption

You'll be able to see and feel the difference in your home care routine with Skin Brightening & Smoothing Treatment. It will increase absorption of your skincare product by up to 50 per cent, making them long last.

Reduces pore size

There's nothing more frustrating than looking down at a fresh breakout across your forehead or on the apple of your cheeks after another long day. And for many people, it can be an all too common occurrence since so many factors (including poor hygiene) affect our pore size, leading them to get larger over time. But don't worry; Skin Brightening & Smoothing Treatment can unclog blocked pores and reduce their size while keeping other pesky acne symptoms under control thanks to exfoliation - giving you clearer, healthier skin without too much worry.

Ensure an even skin tone

This Skin Brightening & Smoothing Treatment is used to renew uneven skin tone and rough texture. It works on all skin types with different complexions and colours - it makes subtle changes that do not leave any scars or colour change in their wake! Increased collagen levels produce firmer skin, which can cause the uneven skin tone to appear evener.

Treat Hyperpigmentation

With the help of a dermatologist, you can now remove your skin's outer layer and reduce hyperpigmentation with this procedure. It also speeds up cell turnover to replace lost cells while giving healthier-looking firmer skin for many years after treatment!

Reduce Sun Damage

It is an excellent option for those who want smoother and firmer skin after suffering from sun damage. It also helps with skin discolouration and the dark spots caused by the UV rays in the sunlight!

Preparation of the treatment

Do not apply exfoliating creams or scrubs 2-3 days before your appointment.

Ensure your skin is well hydrated by using a moisturising cream and drinking plenty of water to avoid having dry skin

Avoid hair removal treatments like waxing and threading because they can irritate your skin 3-4 weeks before your appointment.

Use sunscreen every day as a skin protector.

During the treatment

Exfoliation of the face generally takes between 30-40 minutes, while exfoliation of the neck takes about 15-20 minutes. At the end of your treatment, you will be given a moisturiser and specific instructions to follow during recovery. You may notice that when it is all done immediately after smooth skin treatment, your face or just the neck area is pink in colour and sensitive than usual. Still, these symptoms usually fade over time with no long term effects leaving an ability to resume normal activities right away!

After Care

Sun Protection:- Your will have sensitive skin after the treatment and needs to be protected! Make sure you apply sunscreen every day so that your new, fresh skin doesn't get damaged. Remember to reapply your daily sun protection cream if you go outdoors for a long time.

Use mild products on skin:- Use gentle products to soothe your skin. Use a gentle cleanser and using strong cleanser to clean the treated area. Also, avoid picking or touching the treated area, as this will slow down healing. Avoid applying products such as salicylic acid, retinol and glycolic acid, Vitamin C skin brightening serum. You can resume using them, such as a strong cleanser, when your doctor tells you that it's safe for normal usage again!

Moisturise at regular intervals:- As your new layer of skin heals, it needs more moisture than usual to avoid the recurrence of skin issues like dull patches, dark spots or cracked, flaking and irritated skin. Apply moisturising cream morning and night as well as when necessary if dryness occurs. Avoid caffeine to keep the skin hydrated.

Safe, Comfortable and painless procedure

The treatment procedure is completely painless and safe. The therapists will customise the treatment according to your skin type because it's not an invasive process! It requires no downtime, too, so you can get back to your normal activities in no time at all sessions are scheduled any time of day with complete flexibility as well.

Treatment is very comfortable whilst feeling like a good exfoliation on the surface of our delicate skin. There is a slight tingling sensation during treatment, indicating that the skin has been well exfoliated.

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