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Ditch the brow makeup and opt for a longer-lasting darker (or lighter, or even ombré—yes, it’s a trend) shade with a quick dye treatment, which helps accentuate and sharpen your arches for weeks.

Tinting is a brow trend and is a quick and easy solution for those who want brow makeovers or those who depend on brow products. It's like hair dye but for your eyebrows only. We use premium, long-lasting professional tints for eyelash and eyebrow colouring and conditioning at Shona. Our brow experts will guide you in choosing the brow tint shades perfect for achieving that brows to perfection look.

Eyebrows are a significant physical characteristic that frames the eyes and draws attention to a person's bone structure. While brow gel, pencils, tattoos, brow powder, and serums can help improve the appearance of your brows, eyebrow tinting is a semi-permanent option that avoids the pain and invasiveness of microblading. You can also have darker eyelashes by having an eyelash tinting service

Many people go on a brow journey where they try to find the best beauty treatment they can give to their natural brows. That's why eyebrow tinting has become so popular these days because people are starting to see the importance and the vast difference it makes to anyone's face if they give attention to their eyebrows. So, what are you waiting for? Give yourself an eyebrow treatment to finally achieve the perfect shape and shade for your brows and claim the title, "Brows on Fleek".

Benefits of brow tinting

As with most cosmetic procedures, brow tinting has advantages and disadvantages and possible side effects. You should conduct thorough research and planning before actually having any procedure done to your face, even one as minor as eyebrow tinting or dyeing your eyelash hair.

Get the eyebrows of your dreams

Perhaps you think your current brows aren't dark enough or want thicker brows than before. Congrats, because brow tinting services exist. Brow tinting improves the brow colour and adds volume to your natural eyebrows. Bold brows that are fuller and darker frame the face beautifully. Tinting gives you a natural finish with fuller-looking, fabulous brows with a darker colour.

Lessens time to prepare

Now that you have the perfect pair of brows after getting them tinted, you don't have to worry about filling them in any situation. Whether you're going to work or on a formal occasion, tinted brows are ready when you are, so you don't have to fuss over them while applying makeup and fixing your hair. Doing daily eyebrow makeup is a huge hassle. Imagine the amount of time you'll save if you avail eyebrow tinting, right?

Say goodbye to plucking

You'll need to return to the salon for touch-ups by an eyebrow artist if you want to keep your new gorgeous eyebrows as part of your maintenance treatments. This eliminates the need to tweeze your natural brows or do any eyebrow hair removal at home for any excess hairs, which might be painful for the delicate brow.

It matches your hair colour and skin tone.

Cosmetic brow products have made a lot of progress, from brow mascara to brow pomade, but finding one that exactly resembles existing brow hairs can be difficult. There aren't any unsightly mismatched colour patches when you colour the entire brow area. Instead, the whole brow is uniform, appearing more even and natural. Professionals can also select the best shade to match a client's specific skin tone and hair colour to give you the glam eyebrows you've been wanting so that you don't need to struggle to find the perfect colour of the brow crayon.

Enhances face shape

Full brows can do wondrous things to enhance a person's natural shape of their face and highlight their most attractive features. The proper brow design can provide a more balanced, symmetrical appearance. By making minor changes to brow shape and position, you can make a face appear thinner, highlight bone structure, and even cause the eyes to appear more prominent. Our brow technician can achieve the best style to complement any individual face shape.

Side effects of eyebrow tinting

1. Allergic reaction for those who have sensitive skin

2. Burning and irritation

3. Skin or eye infection

4. Contact dermatitis (rash)

Before getting your eyebrows tinted, read the label and ingredients list to ensure the dye is FDA-approved. Ask your brow artist for a patch test. A patch test on an area other than your face is also advised to confirm that it will not irritate.

What to expect from your brow tinting appointment?

When you arrive for your brow tinting appointment, an experienced eyebrow specialist will consult with you. They will ask you a series of questions to determine if you are a good candidate for eyebrow tinting.

Our brow stylists will discuss with you how your brows look, such as the desired shape, thickness, and darkness, to ensure you get the results you want.


It's critical to keep your perfect brows dry for 12 to 24 hours after having them tinted.

Avoid rubbing, scrubbing, or scratching your brows to get the most life out of your eyebrow tint. It is also advised that you discontinue the use of any oil-based facial products and replace them with gel or cream-based alternatives.

It would be best not to use retinol, and retinoids contain chemicals around the brows because the skin is thin and sensitive and may become irritated.

Does tinting your brows harm them?

No, usually. As long as no harmful chemicals are used in the dye, eyebrow tinting service is generally safe. However, if you do not perform a patch test beforehand and discover that you are allergic to one of the dye ingredients, it may cause burning, irritation, and, in severe cases, brow hair loss.

Any known allergies you have should be communicated to the brow tinting specialist before the dye is applied. A patch test ensures that your skin will respond well to the dye and reduces the risk of an adverse reaction or brow damage.

At Shona Threading & Waxing, we also have other services for eyebrows like brow lamination and eyebrow threading for your bushy eyebrows and needed eyebrow shaping. So, don't think twice and book your eyebrow appointments now with our beauty experts to enhance the natural beauty you have and achieve your brow goals!

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