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Eyelash Lifting

Toss out that cumbersome eyelash curler! An Eyelash Lift / Perm from Shona is a safe and effective way to keep your lashes curly all the time.

You'll be surprised to know that eyelashes are one of the most important features on your face! Sure, you have a nice shape and complexion but all eyes will go straight to those lashes. But what if they aren't looking good? Is it time for some pampering with Eyelash Lifting treatment by our estheticians here at this salon in Perth?

The revolutionary process gently lifts up individual natural lashes creating amazing volume from root to tip without damaging your delicate skin or causing any irritation. For perfect results lasting as long as eight weeks, come experience this luxurious service today!

Shona has been an eyelash lifting expert now with many satisfied clients to show for it. She always makes sure that her clients understand every step of the process so they feel more confident in their decision-making abilities - no misconceptions here! This way, any client gets what he or she wants out of lash lifts that suit each individual's needs.

Lash lifting is a process that takes about an hour to get done with. To start, you need to make sure your lashes are clean and free of product before applying the lash-lengthening solution to them. After this step is complete, we can begin! You'll be able to choose from different types of final products: more dramatic for women who have straight eyelashes or natural choices for those whose curls will not change much following treatment.

Benefits of Eyelash Lifting

Make your time count & look gorgeous

If you are looking for a new way to feel gorgeous, the eyelash lift is just what you need. You will not only save time with your makeup but also leave without fear that it will run off before long (you can always add more if needed). With busy women constantly on the lookout for ways to make themselves prettier, this easy beauty technique should be added into their arsenal of tricks and provides them with an opportunity to flutter curls throughout their eyes which in turn makes them look bigger than ever!

With time (5-6 weeks), most of the lashes start relaxing and you’d need a second (touch-up) visit which isn’t as costly as the first one. Note: The process is NOT at all painful and is perfect for those with ultrasensitive eyes.

Boost your eyelashes' length & darkness.

Having your lashes pumped up creates the appearance that they are longer, thicker and more full, and appear darker after the tinting procedure.

Eyelash Lifting can cause your eyelashes to curve in a natural way, rather than sticking straight out of the eyelid. This makes them appear fuller and thicker.

Minimal after Care & Maintenance

While the lashes are learning to accept their new direction, avoid steam, hot showers, excessive heat, and saunas. Steam or heat can soften the cuticle.

Keep all shampoo, conditioners, cosmetics, makeup removers, creams, and eye serums away from the eye area for 24 hours

The modern world is busy and it can be hard to take the time out to pamper yourself as often as you would like while still feeling glamorous. The perfect treatment, Eyelash Lifting is quick and low-maintenance thanks to minimal aftercare. It takes about half an hour to complete and you only need to visit the salon every 2 months.

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