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Eyelash lifting is one of the most popular beauty treatments worldwide. But what is eyelash lifting? How does it function, and what are its advantages?

Eyelash lifting has been there for much longer than one might think. It is closely related to lash perming and sees our client's natural lashes raised and amplified into elegant lifted and curly lashes, a great alternative to lash extensions.

Shona at Shona Threading & Waxing has been an eyelash lifting expert in Perth now, with many satisfied clients to show for it. She always ensures that her clients understand every step of the process, so they feel more confident in their decision-making abilities - no misconceptions! This way, any client gets what they want from lash lifts that suit each individual's needs. 

Benefits of Eyelash Lifting

Enhances your natural lashes

Eyelash lifting works on your natural lashes only. It's the art of lashes. So there is no need to add anything to your lashes; we work with what you have and make it seem like you have lashes with a natural curl. It's our duty to make your lashes to perfection.

Suits short eyelashes

Fortunately, lash lifting is suitable for almost all lash lengths and thicknesses. And good news for those with shorter lashes: you can still achieve gorgeous lashes and lifted results with shorter, thinner lashes after beautiful lash lifts. It's a beauty bliss.

Make your time count and look gorgeous. 

If you are looking for a new way for a more natural look with beautiful & thicker lashes, the eyelash lift is just what you need. You will not only save time with your makeup but also leave without fear that it will run off before long (you can always add more if needed). With busy women constantly on the lookout for ways to make themselves prettier, this easy beauty technique should be added to their arsenal of tricks and provides them with an opportunity to flutter curls throughout their eyes which in turn makes them look more prominent than ever!

With time (5-6 weeks), most lashes start relaxing, and you'd need a second (touch-up) visit to a beauty salon, which isn't as costly as the first one. 

Boost your eyelashes' length & darkness

Having your lashes pumped up creates the appearance that they are longer, thicker and more full, and they appear darker if you avail of lash tint services. Eyelash tint is like hair dye.

Eyelash Lifting can cause your eyelashes to curve naturally rather than sticking straight out of the eyelid. This makes the appearance of thicker and fuller lashes with a beautiful curl.

Low maintenance

The modern world is busy, and taking the time to pamper yourself as often as possible can be challenging while still feeling glamorous. Our amazing lash lift treatment, which is done by our beauty experts, is quick and low-maintenance, thanks to minimal aftercare.

It makes you look like you have an eyelash extension

If you have naturally long eyelashes, getting an eyelash lift will make your real lashes look like you have an eyelash extension but more naturally and beautifully than most people want to achieve.

Do lash lifts hurt? ​

No, a lash lift is painless during the entire process. You will enjoy this period. During the treatment, you can even take a quick nap. 

Is a lash lift good for me?

If you have the following, you are a good candidate for an eyelash lift.

1. Your existing lashes are healthy, thick, and that is straight and difficult to notice.

2. You want to improve the appearance of your natural lashes.

3. You have an allergy to lash extension adhesive.

4. You don't like mascara.

5. You want to keep your daily makeup routine as simple as possible.

6. You want a low-maintenance eyelash enhancement.

7. You want an affordable treatment for your eyelashes.

8. You want curly eyelashes as soon as you wake up.

Who should not have their lashes lifted?

You are not a good candidate for a lash lift if:

1. You have little natural eyelashes.

2. If you're pregnant.

3. If you suffer from chronic dry eye, conjunctivitis, ocular rosacea, or blepharitis.

4. You have sensitive eyes.

5. You have fragile eyelashes.

6. If you don't want to use a lash curler anymore.


1. No mascara, even waterproof mascara, for at least 24 hours.

2. Avoid making your lashes wet for the next 24 hours.

3. No saunas and hot showers for at least 24 hours.

4. For at least one day, avoid using shampoo, conditioners, eye serums, makeup, or makeup removers on the lash or eye area.

5. Do not rub your eyes.

6. Do not use an eyelash curler.

7. Don't sleep facing down.

8. Lash lifts require regular maintenance, so booking your appointment is best. 

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