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Skin Anti-Aging & Firmness Treatment

People who want tighter, younger-looking skin can benefit from this treatment, as its name suggests.

A small machine transmits a low-grade electric current through the facial muscles during this facial treatment. A facelift is made possible by contracting the muscles and sculpting them, just like during a gym session. In this therapy, eyebrows are lifted, cheekbones are defined, skin is tightened and collagen is stimulated with the application of a small current.

Electricity stimulates cell growth in the skin during this beauty treatment. In fact, the procedure is non-invasive, injection-free, and painless. There is no recovery time following treatment. After appointments, people often say, "I walked out of my appointment with a bounce in my step and the skin on my face looking healthy.

My cheekbones were more prominent, I had jawline definition that was previously missing, and there was an extra layer of volume around brows where they'd lost it before treatment! The pros outweigh the cons. However, the drawback is the fact that you have to maintain results by having it regularly, like keeping fit at the gym.


An Instant Lift for Your Skin and Muscles

Basically, the Skin Anti-Aging & Firmness Treatment works on both your skin and muscles giving them an incredible boost! It doesn't matter how much you work out at the gym when compared with this facial because not only does it tone up but tighten those stubborn wrinkles too.

Feel Younger & Vibrant

You will not only look younger but feel better too! Microcurrent treatment leaves your skin looking more vibrant and feeling silky smooth. On top of that, it also reduces wrinkles in the epidermis while repairing damage to the dermal layer just below.

Boost Circulation

This facial will ensure the skin remains healthy and radiant. The benefits of these treatments go far beyond just providing a lift; it also boosts circulation, enhances penetration in skincare products, and stimulates collagen production to prevent wrinkles.

Removes Impurities

Skin Anti-Aging & Firmness Treatment works deep in the skin and is able to help you not only look better but feel great, too. It improves muscle tone, reduces puffiness, increases cellular activity by increasing blood flow which tightens pores also flushed out the face's water retention and drained out lymphatics while lifting and tightening muscles at the same time.

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